3 Tips for Effective Social Media Management

Content creation is an essential part of social media marketing. You need original content but it’s only effective if it’s strategically made for your target audience.

Follow these 3 Tips for Effective Social Media Management. Get better engagement, an increase in followers and a renewed excitement for your business.

1. Identify Your Target Audience – WHO needs your product/services? 

Lead Generation Campaign - target your customersDifferent audiences want different content. You must be specific with your audience and give them exactly what THEY are looking for. Do you know exactly WHO you serve? Identify your target market and create a strategy that will fulfill and satisfy THEIR needs.

Here’s why you need to take individual needs into account when creating content:

“Your audience is likely made up of new, veteran and prospective customers of different ages and from different cultures and geographic locations. It would be foolhardy of you, then, to expect that they will all respond the same way to the same content. That’s why you need to take their individual needs and requirement into consideration.” – Entrepreneur article excerpt

The first tip for effective social media management is to be hyper-focused on your target audience. We’d rather see you drill down to specific audience, prove your market dominance and then pull back out a bit. Then to flounder NOT knowing who’s your best customer. Let the outliers find you on their own. Allow them to become fans because you are speaking specifically to your niche audience and giving them exactly what they want and need.

Answer these questions to identify your target audience:

a. Who do you serve? Get specific with gender, age, etc.

b. Who have you received the best results (sales or referrals) from?

c. Do you target a certain area/region/demographic?

d. Why do they need you?

e. Do you like working with them?

2. Create a Social Media Strategy – Plan Your Content

Not all audiences crave the same content. Some prefer photos and videos while others like reading studies and long-form articles.  You want a fine balance between providing information, promoting your product/service, and entertaining your audience.

Position yourself or your business as the expert – an advisor that has this great product/service – that will help your consumer.

tips for effective social media managementYour social media strategy should include: 

a. How many posts you plan on sharing each month & on which platforms

b. How many content themes you’ll include in your strategy

c. Any promotions you need to include each month

d. Your target audience’s pain points

e. Your product/services solution to those pains

As we say, “Don’t throw spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks.” That’s going to lead to a frustrating mess. Yes, you’ll have to go through a trial-and-error period and find conclusive results afterwards. But that’s not the same as “winging it” just to see a full timeline. The important thing is that you look at insights, metrics and analytics to get a deeper understanding of your content’s performance.

Create content as if your prospect or customer is standing in front of you and you’re having a conversation. Would you say that to their face? Then don’t post it.

3. Add a Growth Strategy – Consider it your new pipeline  

Numbers can be very deceiving. There are some tools that will say “Pay $25 and we’ll get you 1000 new followers.” Please… don’t do that. Don’t just boost your numbers. You’ll get frustrated when not a single one is actually interested in your products or services.

a. Many use Advertising, like Facebook or Linked In ads. You can target your audience, down to preferences, geo-targeting and more. But it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get new followers – only that you’ll REACH contacts so they can determine if they want to take action steps. Sure some will follow you… but you want to know the money you invest in advertising WILL give you an ROI.  It’s effective for specific campaigns and as long as you can properly budget for long-term strategy, you will see growth.

Social Media Marketingb. An Organic Growth Strategy, like our Instagram Growth Plan, offers a strategic by-hand growth solution to increase the number of followers based on your desired target audience. We build your target audience – often double and triple your followers each month – with an average 300-1000 new contacts per month.

Get New Leads with a Growth Strategy

These new contacts engage with your content and are funneled into your marketing qualified lead (MQL) funnel. The contacts who are interested in your content, products, and services… then transition over to your SQL – sales qualified lead – funnel.  And once they buy… you now have a new customer.

These tips for effective social media management aren’t just about creating an online presence and enhancing your brand. It’s about providing quality solutions to your customers’ needs…and allowing you to effectively grow your business.

Next Steps…

Planning a social media strategy is hard, and creating fresh, new content for your specific audience is even harder. Spending hours each day to build your social media followers is not something you have time for when you’re running your business.

Let’s talk about your frustrations and your business goals. We’ll provide tips for effective social media management, content and growth.  Contact us today.

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