Understanding The Benefits Of Outsource Marketing

In a world of rapidly evolving digital technologies and shifting marketplaces, it can be tough to understand what decisions your business should make to thrive and stay competitive. Outsourcing is everywhere, from manufacturing to marketing, and everywhere in-between, so what are some guidelines you can use to ensure success? Understand the Benefits of Outsource Marketing with Beholder.

In-House vs Outsource Marketing Services - Integrated Marketing - Business GrowthTop 5 Benefits of Outsource Marketing

  1. You don’t need to train or manage an agency. We have our processes in place.
  2. You don’t have to do extra HR work. The job posts, hiring process and on-boarding is risky.
  3. You’ll save a lot of money from payroll to equipment – and they’re not just minor expenses!
  4. You can be an expert in your field and focus on your growth and sales.
  5. You’ll have access to marketing experts from content, writing, SEO, web, graphics, social media, email, video production and more.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Long ago, businesses relied on in-house employees to help bring their visions to life. Brands relied on the long and tedious process of vetting and hiring of individuals who would bring value to their teams. Marketing professionals would devote their working lives to an organization, and aim for the stars when it came to setting goals. Now, outsource marketing services, both traditional and digital, is commonplace, and often a necessity.

Budgets can be more easily controlled and goals are better defined, when relying on the expertise of outsource marketing services. Salaries and benefits can be replaced with shifting costs that are more tightly controlled by managers and business owners.  If goals aren’t being achieved, we can easily move on to new campaigns or even on to a new firm.

When selecting outsource marketing companies, the fact remains the same: A trusted partner in success is the only way to see a return on your investment, and this means that a tight knit team must be created in all circumstances.

Know Thyself

outsource marketing - business growth - integrated marketingIf you have reservations about outsource marketing, or outsourcing other key roles within your organization, chances are it’s not the available talent that scares you, but your fear of the unknown. Many professionals who excel in their positions share the same weakness of the inability to properly delegate responsibility, and this comes from a lack of knowledge regarding their own lines of business.

We’d all like there to be a magic button that we could push that would allow us to see improvements in key areas, all while saving time and money, but this simply is not the case. In order for an organization to achieve success with outsource marketing partners, said organization must first take the time needed to understand their own brand inside and out, and set clear goals, so that they can properly inform a potential partner of goals and the overall vision of a brand’s future. Simply, you will find much success in outsourcing your marketing (and other) needs, if you are able to present your potential partners with a solid framework of how you see the future.

Outsource Marketing Companies Set Realistic Goals & Go All In

A good outsourced marketing professional will be more than willing to become an extension of your team, but trust is a two way street. You’ll need to set realistic expectations. For example, if you have never reached $10,000,000 in revenue, please don’t think this will be achieved overnight, or even after one year with a marketing partner. Review your business growth and revenue numbers from previous years. Share this information with your team so you can properly manage marketing growth expectations.
The worst thing that can happen is sharing false information with your marketing team. Set realistic goals and establish an effective strategy and timeline to achieve these goals. When you started your business, you didn’t think it was going to last for only 6-months, did you? So growth takes strategic planning, diligent execution, and the ability to adjust appropriately so you can achieve the goals you set forth.

Be On The Same Page

Look at the long-term investment and establish metrics on what is considered a positive ROI.  Say you work with an outsource marketing company and your leads drop by 50%, but your revenue increases by 40% – that’s success! It just means that the marketing services applied is able to do a better job at pre-qualifying your customer, thereby improving your sales team close rate.

Take some time to evaluate your brand and goals before you begin your search. If you don’t know what you’re looking for in an outsource marketing provider or marketing agency partner, that’s ok. But you should have an idea of what kind of business growth you’d like to experience. You should know what you can and will continue to manage in-house vs what you want to achieve that you’re not capable of doing so with your current staff.


It’s time to save money!

Bottom Line – take a line-itemized approach to your budget. Consider your marketing budget for at least 6-months. What are you willing to invest to grow your business?

Be sure to include people, equipment, management, creative costs, advertising costs, and more.
Staff alone can run approximately $150,000 without the additional expenses that go along with a marketing budget. But an outsource marketing companies already has these people, equipment, facilities, creative and production costs, and more in place. So you’ll only have to pay a fraction of the cost and save a lot of money each year.
Choose a marketing team that can help you cut through the clutter and stay focused on your business growth.

When you’re ready to talk more, contact us. We look forward to being your outsource marketing team!